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Faith Moments

August 6, 2013

Faith Moment Vanity 2

Transcript of audio:

Known for extravagant spending, publisher Malcolm Forbes is said to have coined the phrase "He who dies with the most toys wins."  Forbes died at a relatively young 71 years of age. Did he really win?

As we learn from this week's gospel, to evaluate life in terms of possessions and believe we are secure is foolish. Such things in life are fleeting.  Yet we are probably a lot more like the farmer in the parable from Luke’s Gospel than we care to admit. He built bigger barns to hold a bumper crop and then didn't live long enough to enjoy it.

In what ways do we pursue excess? Lavish spending. Newer gadgets. More, more, more.

Jesus challenges us to "guard against greed" and pursue not only what may enrich our own lives but also the lives of others. Instead of "bigger" try "kinder." In place of "more stuff" try "more caring." You may find that less “toys” equals more happiness.

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