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Faith Moments

August 7, 2013

Faith Moment Vanity 3

Transcript of audio:

Are the readings this week saying we must give up all our possessions?  Of course, the answer is no. That is neither practical nor necessary.

God provides us the material things we need to live a wholesome and happy life. Problems arise when the pursuit of more possessions becomes our priority. Big screen TV. Expensive jewelry. Designer clothes. Like the old saying goes, "You can't take them with you." So, as the second reading states, we need to "seek what is above."

Our priority should be to pursue what matters to God. Wisdom of heart. Kindness. Joy. Gladness. Love for one another.  In other words, we need to be heaven-oriented in our priorities. When we labor to do God's will and use our possessions to help one another, we will receive the ultimate inheritance – true happiness in eternal life.

If we replace materialism with this perspective, it changes everything.

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