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Faith Moments

August 12, 2013

Faith Moment Waiting in Faith 1

Transcript of audio:

Our readings this week include one of the more well-known scripture passages among Christians. Taken from Hebrews, Chapter Eleven, the passage explains what faith is.  It states, "Faith is the realization of what's hoped for and evidence of things not seen."

While this passage has been translated in over 20 languages, we learn most from the nuances of the Greek translation.  The Greek translators used words such as "elpizo" meaning to look forward with full confidence to that which is good...and "hypostasis" describing the real nature of something.  This more accurate translation tells us the nature of faith is to be looking forward with full confidence to receiving something that will be good and beneficial to us.

So we are challenged to imitate the faith of Abraham, who lived his daily life with confidence, trusting in God's promises, even during times of doubt and fear.

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