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Faith Moments

August 13, 2013

Faith Moment Waiting in Faith 2

Transcript of audio:

All three readings this week teach us about waiting in faith, looking forward with full confidence that we shall receive that which is good and beneficial to us.

Think of it this way:  when we plan a marriage, we set the date and work toward it. We take action now with full confidence in a happy event in the future.  We go to college and learn the skills needed for our chosen career. We work hard at it, confident that it will pay off in a career we can enjoy in the future.

Contrary to the instant gratification favored by today’s society, the readings tell us faith is hard work, requiring ongoing trust in God's Word. 

Even though we don't see God...although we may sometimes taking actions now – loving one another and living the Gospel message – we can wait in faith with full confidence in His promise of salvation both now and into eternity.

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