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Faith Moments

August 19, 2013

Faith Moment Fidelity 4

Transcript of audio:

We all know that the right choice is not always the easy one.

In this week’s scripture, we hear the encouraging message of perseverance. Jesus explains that there will be challenges in following God’s will.  He tells us it will be difficult at times and that there can be numerous obstacles. His fervent words show us just how important it is to remain strong and faithful.

We must work at refining our relationships and our communities. We must seek justice and strive for righteousness.  This can often cause us to lose motivation and become weak. But whatever struggles we deal with here on earth, consider what Jesus endured!

We can find the strength to persist during difficult times. Through a strong faith life and prayer life, we will find ourselves ready to take on the challenges we encounter in order to bring Jesus’  dynamic words to life!

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