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Faith Moments

August 26, 2013

Faith Moment Attentiveness 1

Transcript of audio:

Are you paying attention?  If you're driving in your car right now hopefully you are paying attention to your surroundings. That's how you will arrive safely at your destination.  But more specifically, are you paying attention on your spiritual journey?

The Gospel reading this week from Luke teaches us the importance of attentiveness, of keeping our eyes on our ultimate destination – the eternal life that God promises.  We are told that although the gate to salvation is narrow and difficult to enter, it is open to all who pursue God’s plan for them.  We can do that by getting to know Jesus, following His example and looking to Him as we walk the path of discipleship.

Our attentiveness should be focused on the choices we make here on earth – helping the poor, caring for the sick, practicing our faith – so that we may arrive in heaven welcomed by the loving and eternal embrace of God.

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