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Faith Moments

August 27, 2013

Faith Moment Attentiveness 2

Transcript of audio:

Tilly Smith is an attentive girl.  Several years ago, the ten-year-old from Britain was vacationing on a beach in Thailand with her family. Suddenly the water rushed out and began to bubble.  Because she had paid attention in her geography class, Tilly recognized the strange occurrence as a sign of an oncoming tsunami. Her warning to get off the beach saved her parents and dozens of fellow vacationers before the deadly tide rushed in and turned the beach into rubble.

We can take a lesson from Tilly – as we can from this week's Gospel from Luke – that being more attentive in our lives results in positive outcomes.  We see how attentiveness saved Tilly and her family. The Gospel shows us how being attentive to God and one another results in the ultimate, positive outcome – the gift of being saved through eternal life in heaven.

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