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Faith Moments

August 28, 2013

Faith Moment Attentiveness 3

Transcript of audio:

Salvation is probably not something you're thinking about as you start your day and make your way to work or school.  Yet the message of this week's Gospel is a reminder that we should be thinking about salvation all the time.

Jesus tells us that salvation requires our conscious and attentive participation.  Christians believe that as His disciples, it is not enough that we merely associate with the teachings of Jesus.  We must walk with Him, act like Him and love one another as He did.  If we are not paying attention on our earthly journey, we will miss opportunities, those graced moments that will bring us closer to salvation. Aiding the sick. Feeding the hungry. Comforting the lonely.

Salvation in heaven means work here on earth. But Christians believe Christ is with us to give us strength. We only need to keep Him close, attentive to God's promise of eternal life.


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