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Faith Moments

September 3, 2013

Faith Moment Humility 5

Transcript of audio:

How can we be of humble service in today's world? Our scripture this week speaks of conducting our affairs with humility. This means, first, knowing our strengths and limitations. Humility is not minimizing our abilities, and also not exaggerating them; but accepting our place in this world and before God, and acting accordingly.

How can we be of humble service in today's world? Once we know our strengths and limitations, humility calls us to take it a step further. As we stand humbly before God, He gives us the strength to live our lives with wisdom and generosity. With true humility, we are able to see our strengths accurately as gifts from God.  We can then use these gifts to make service an integral part of our lives.

How can we be of humble service in today's world? Pope Francis stated that progress in the world is the lowering of one's self on the road to humility in order to allow God's love to emerge and be clearly seen.  Today, let’s practice humility. What strengths do I have that I can use for the good of others? How can I glorify the Lord by serving another of God's children?

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