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Faith Moments

September 4, 2013

Faith Moment Humility 6

Transcript of audio:

Pope Francis, after being chosen as the new Pontiff, asked all the people to pray for him so he could remain a humble servant.  Since then, he turned down a private car to take the bus with the Cardinals, those who elected him as pope. He held a disabled child in his arms with a comforting embrace. And on Holy Thursday of this year, he washed and kissed the feet of a dozen inmates at a juvenile detention center.  He told the youth at the center that what he was doing was a symbol, a sign.  He said, "In washing your feet, I am at your service."

Mother Teresa was well known for her gentle and giving spirit. Her charity work has endeared her to many, but she did not seek fame or favor from this world. Her focus was entirely on seeing God in the eyes of the poor and needy.

These two beautiful people have inspired so many throughout the world with their humility. Pope Francis' and Mother Teresa's choices are ones we can all emulate every day in a small way. Help others, serve others; do not look for something in return. God sees the good we do, and is pleased. This is a reward greater than any received on earth.

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