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Faith Moments

September 9, 2013

Faith Moment Relationships 1

Transcript of audio:

How is your relationship with God?

In all relationships it is critical that we continue to grow in them, whether they involve family or friends.  The readings this week remind us that it is also the same with our Lord.  It is essential that we grow in our relationship with our God.  Think about it – the more we know someone, the more intimate we can become with that person.

In the Gospel, Jesus tells us our relationship with God – manifested through our discipleship – comes with daily demands and must be pondered and weighed carefully. As in any committed relationship, being a disciple is not something to undertake half-heartedly or frivolously.

No other relationship can be more important than our relationship with God. We must really get to know our Lord, not just His teachings. When we live in relationship with God, we live like Jesus did – loving and caring for one another.

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