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Faith Moments

September 11, 2013

Faith Moment Relationships 3

Transcript of audio:

Remember the initials W.W.J.D. – What Would Jesus Do?  While the W.W.J.D. bracelets may have been a time-limited fad, the lesson they promoted is everlasting – just like the message in this week's scripture readings.  Christians wore the bracelets as a reminder to always demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ through their every action. Before making decisions, they were to ponder and contemplate their choices in the light of the example of Jesus.  That is what Jesus himself tells us in this week's Gospel.

Christians believe that as we make choices to live as disciples, followers of Jesus, we enter more deeply into our relationship with Him. It is not enough to know His teachings, we must act on them, which in turn, will help us to get to know God more intimately.

Maybe we should pull the old WWJD bracelet out of the drawer and ask What Would Jesus Do? He would help us gain insight about a situation and make decisions in any aspect of our life.  He would do anything to strengthen our relationship with Him and with others.

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