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Faith Moments

September 16, 2013

Faith Moment Mercy 1

Transcript of audio:

Did you ever try to run away from home? Or hide from your parents? I remember as a child my parents would always seem to know that I would not get too far with packing to run away. Or they would always find me no matter where I try to hide. But even as adults, don't we sometimes want to escape, perhaps because of poor choices we’ve made?

We might even want to hide from God.  But God doesn’t hide from us. Our Lord is with us in our joys and celebrations. And God is also with us in our sadness and stress, where it is sometimes harder to recognize Him. Even during those times that we do the things we know we shouldn’t, things that are easy or fun but we know in our hearts and in our consciences are not right. Even during these times, God is with us.

No matter what our choices are in life, God is always there. Our choices sometimes make us walk away from God, but our Lord never walks away from us. He offers His infinite love and abundant mercy, God always remains with us, calling us, and awaiting our return.

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