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Faith Moments

September 17, 2013

Faith Moment Mercy 2

Transcript of audio:

This week’s scripture speaks to us about the boundless mercy of God. Each of us is given a ministry, a goal or purpose in life. When we fall away from our path, we can be comforted in the great abundance of God’s patience. My nephew, a Navy sailor, when on deployment will often speak of the ocean that goes on forever with nothing else in sight, as far as the eye can see. God’s mercy is even more vast than this.

What are we hiding behind? How far away have we fallen? What is distracting us? What separates us from God and others? And, are we aware that we can do something to make things better? God’s efforts to save us and rejoice in our return are limitless; however, it requires our active response to this invitation.

When we do turn back to God and move closer to Him, how great is our Lord's joy! And so, in turn, how great is our joy! How great are God’s mercy and love?  And how great it is to trust in and be loved by our God who's a merciful parent to us all.

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