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Faith Moments

September 18, 2013

Faith Moment Mercy 3

Transcript of audio:

Forgiving an unintentional hurt is often a difficult and painful task. An intentional hurt is much harder to forgive. God sets the perfect example of mercy, love and forgiveness — it is unconditional. Although we may feel that we don’t deserve God’s compassion, it is freely and lovingly given when we ask.

This week’s scripture talks about a lost sheep.  Just as we search for treasured things we have lost and rejoice when they are found, it explains to us the extent to which God will go to bring us back to Him. We just need to seek out forgiveness to receive it.

God is eager to receive and welcome sinners back. Isn’t it incredible that as undeserving as we might be, our God loves us and easily forgives us if we return to Him? Our sins are intentional, but so are God’s abundant mercy and love.  They are very intentional.  The gifts of God will overcome our worst mistakes and human failings. 

Trust in God's mercy and love.

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