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Faith Moments

September 24, 2013

Faith Moment Decisiveness 2

Transcript of audio:

How might we be more decisive in our faith?

As Jesus points out in the Gospel, we can serve only one master.  God should always be our focus.

In the recent papal encyclical, The Light of Faith, Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis, explain that faith's new way of seeing things is centered on Jesus Christ. Christians believe that faith brings salvation because in Jesus Christ our lives become radically open to a love that preceeds us, a love that transforms us from within, acting in us and through us. Acts of kindness to others. Resisting the temptation of sin. Praying more, and spreading and sharing the Gospel message in words and actions, are all examples of being decisive in our God-centered faith.

And the more we keep our eyes focused on God – the more we know our faith and become decisive in it – the easier it is to keep all the material things of this world in perspective. We should use our decisiveness of faith with wisdom and with a longer view in sight – our eternal happiness with God.

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