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Faith Moments

September 25, 2013

Faith Moment Decisiveness 3

Transcript of audio:

In discussing this week's readings we have focused on decisiveness and firmness in our faith.  With so many distractions in the modern world, it is not always easy to take a firm stand.  But as Jesus concludes in the Gospel, we cannot serve both God and mammon -- things of this world, or material wealth. Decisiveness in faith means God comes first.

To be firm in our faith, we must apply our faith and being decisive. For example, we can pray confidently to receive help in making right decisions. We can choose to follow the example of Jesus and be of loving service to others in need. And, we can make a conscious effort to help others put God, our greatest hope, first by getting more involved in our church, in our place of worship, and in our community.

Take a firm stand for your faith here on earth and decisively embrace God's promise of eternal life in heaven. Now that is the best decision you'll ever make.

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