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Faith Moments

September 30, 2013

Faith Moment Estate Planning 1

Transcript of audio:

If you need help with estate planning, you probably would turn to your financial planner or accountant for help.  But did you ever think about talking with your priest or minister?

The readings this week teach us about a different type of estate planning. While this planning anticipates what happens when we die, it's not about property or trusts or wills. It is about eternal life – our estate in heaven. Jesus uses a story about a wealthy man and a poor man named Lazarus to describe a great chasm between rich and poor. Wealth was not the problem. It was the gulf of uncaring that existed between the rich man and Lazarus. Had the rich man acted differently on earth, the chasm would have been bridged. But once he entered the next life, it was too late.

Now is the time to bridge whatever chasms exist between ourselves and those in need. Now is the time for spiritual estate planning.

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