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Faith Moments

October 1, 2013

Faith Moment Estate Planning 2

Transcript of audio:

In Jesus' story about the rich man and Lazarus, we learn that had the rich man acted differently toward Lazarus, he would not have suffered in the next life. The lesson is that on earth our "estate planning" should take into account how we live now so that we can inherit the treasures of heaven.

Jesus isn't saying wealth is wrong. Rather, it's all about how we use it that matters.

Tom Peterson was a wealthy advertising executive. He had two homes, expensive cars and plenty of luxuries. While on a retreat with his church, he had an "aha" moment. He downsized his homes and devoted his marketing talents to help others. He founded "Catholics Come Home" to spread the Gospel message through inspiring TV ads, web sites and other media.

Even if you're not wealthy, look around and notice those in need, then reach out in concern.

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