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Faith Moments

October 7, 2013

Faith Moment Silence 1

Transcript of audio:

How often have we heard the proverbial saying, "Silence is golden"? In fact, this is one of the lessons we can take from our scripture readings this week.

The prophet Habakkuk complains that although he cries out for help, God does not seem to be responding and, so, must not be listening. Perhaps you wonder if God is listening.  Allow me to suggest that, as the prophet discovered, you need to listen for God in silence.

Finding silent moments in our own lives gives us a chance to reconnect with God. For many Catholics, special devotional practices provide the silence and solitude to strengthen their faith. For others, the quiet moments before church services help to move them beyond the busyness of life to a deeper faith.

Silence is a golden opportunity to gather our thoughts and present our intentions to God.

God is listening. Are we?  Be silent and become aware of God's presence.

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