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Faith Moments

October 9, 2013

Faith Moment Silence 3

Transcript of audio:

Wendy Beckett, better known as Sister Wendy, is a religious sister most famous for her BBC television documentaries on the history of art.

Wendy joined the Sisters of Notre Dame in the 1940s and lived in a convent that enforced a strict rule of silence. In the 1970s, she entered a contemplative vocation that called for complete solitude and prayer.

It was during this time that she began studying art, making it a part of her vocation of silence.

Sister Wendy eventually returned to public ministry and gave the world the great gift of her documentaries, winning praise from art lovers around the world. She also wrote more than 15 books and continues to write for art magazines.

All this from being silent with God.

What gifts might we bring to the world when we find the time for silence and listen to God?

Experience some silence today.

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