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Faith Moments

October 14, 2013

Faith Moment Gratitude 1

Transcript of audio:

Two of our readings this week are about healings. On the one hand, a socially powerful person, Naaman, is healed of leprosy in obedience to the word of a prophet. On the other hand, a group of ten lepers, forced to live on the edge of society, are also healed of their leprosy in obedience to the word of Jesus.

But the gift didn’t stop with their bodies, a grateful Naaman and at least one of the ten lepers also found faith in God. Naaman confesses to the man of God: “now I know there is no other God in all the earth.” And the leper who returned to thank Jesus, we are told, glorified God. How sad that the other nine lepers failed to receive the greater gift God was affording them, a loving relationship with Himself.

Whatever your social status, know of and be grateful for God’s love for you.

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