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Faith Moments

October 15, 2013

Faith Moment Gratitude 2

Transcript of audio:

In this week’s gospel story Jesus tells the leper who was healed of leprosy: “your faith has saved you.” In another reading from this week a man named Naaman is healed from leprosy and freely gives expression to his faith in God.  What can these two healings teach us about the role of faith in our lives and salvation?

Having sought out and asked the prophet for healing, a confused Naaman obeys the prophet’s word and washes himself in a river. Upon doing so, he is healed. Similarly, having sought out and asked Jesus for a healing, ten lepers set out in obedience to Jesus’ word, and along the way they are healed.  In both cases those in need had to follow the word they were given in order to be saved from their affliction.

Both accounts show us that a faith that saves is one which follows God’s word. So follow God’s word in faith, and you will be saved.

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