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Faith Moments

October 16, 2013

Faith Moment Gratitude 3

Transcript of audio:

We have been considering a particular aspect of this week’s readings, namely, the gift and role of faith in our lives. We have seen how both Naaman and the ten lepers demonstrated the kind of living faith which puts into action God’s word, and how that faith resulted in their being delivered from their sufferings.

In a third reading from this week, we find another person, the apostle Paul, who had to endure his particular sufferings. Rather than despairing of his life and giving up, Paul affirms not only that he will prevail, but that he will eventually receive as a gift from a loving God salvation of another kind.

Paul knew that if he remained faithful, God would give him a salvation even greater than that which Naaman and the ten lepers received, namely, eternal life.

This is a gift that God will bestow upon all who receive it in faith.

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