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Faith Moments

October 21, 2013

Faith Moment Staying Strong 1

Transcript of audio:

This week's scripture readings offer some lessons on how we are called to stay strong in our faith even when the odds seem stacked against us. We hear how the Israelites looked to Moses, who held the staff of God in the air to inspire them to victory in battle over a powerful adversary. The staff was a visual reminder that God was with them and seeing it strengthened them to press on. When Moses tired, others came to support him in keeping the staff raised.

What visual reminders of God's presence might we see in our lives today that can help strengthen us? Perhaps the splendid colors of fall...the quiet surroundings of our church or place of worship...or the brilliant stars at night.

How might we support others to help them remain strong? An encouraging word or a comforting smile, perhaps?

Remember, our God is always present and He gives us strength.

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