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Faith Moments

October 22, 2013

Faith Moment Staying Strong 2

Transcript of audio:

Strength training is a popular exercise regimen at many fitness centers.

Did you know you can also do strength training of another kind in your church? And even your home?

As we see in the scripture reading from Timothy, we have the Bible to help us grow and stay strong in our faith. From its pages we receive the wisdom, encouragement and assurance of God's presence, and we can build up our faith.

But like any strength training, we need to be consistent in our efforts so that we are "equipped for every good work" that God or our personal circumstances may call us to. That means we need to regularly read God’s Word.  And as this week’s reading notes, "we must be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient for us."

Remember, God is our own personal trainer. By listening to His Word we are strengthened in our faith, and we can achieve some pretty incredible results.

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