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Faith Moments

October 23, 2013

Faith Moment Staying Strong 3

Transcript of audio:

Musicians, athletes and many other types of performers follow the adage, "practice makes perfect". While nobody's ever perfect, practice does help us to be successful in our endeavors.

We can apply the same adage to our faith. In this week's Gospel Jesus teaches us to "pray always." By practicing prayer in our daily lives, we continually strengthen our faith and improve our own performance as followers of Christ's teachings.

We see many times in the Gospels that Jesus Himself went off to deserted places and prayed. He needed to pray. And if he needs to pray, so do we.  If we don’t we will grow weak and our performance will suffer.

How we pray varies from person to person.  But pray always. In prayer, God is present to help us stay strong.

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