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Faith Moments

October 29, 2013

Faith Moment Fairness 2

Transcript of audio:

In yesterday's Faith Moment we learned that God hears and responds to the prayer of the marginalized, as well as of those who seek justice in accord with God's will.  In this week's Gospel passage we learn something else about prayer.  In a parable Jesus tells about a Pharisee and a tax collector, we discover that our opinion about ourselves and our attitude towards others will also impact the effectivenss of our prayers.  The tax collector did not try to measure himself by others.  Rather, he recognized and fully owned his own shortcomings and failures, and his times of doing others wrong.  His prayer ascended to heaven and was heard.  But the Pharisee compared himself to others and determined that he was a better person than his neighbors.  His prayer rose no further than his own lips.  Be merciful towards your neighbors faults.  In turn your prayers will be heard and you will receive mercy from God.

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