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Faith Moments

October 28, 2013

Faith Moment Fairness 1

Transcript of audio:

Think about how many prayers are made to God each day.  In fact, each moment of each day.  How can they all be heard?  Are they all answered? Or are only certain ones?  Which ones?  Of course we cannot possibly answer these questions with absolute certainty.  But we can be confident in a few things.  In one of the readings from this past Sunday, Sirach, also know as Ecclesiasticus, we are given some insights into the effectiveness of prayer.  First, we are told of two classes of people who most certainly have their prayers heard by God:  the marginalized of society, and the truly pious individual, that is, the one who intentionally pursues justice in accord with God's will.  Second, not only does God hear the prayers of the marginalized and the just, but we are assured that their petitions will receive a response.

Are you in need?  Do you seek justice?  Our loving God will receive your prayers.

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