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Faith Moments

November 4, 2013

Faith Moment Continuous Improvement 1

Transcript of audio:

In the business world, the continuous improvement process is an ongoing effort to improve the quality of a company's products or services. In this week's reading, we see that God is a proponent of continuous improvement – also known as on-going conversion.  He wants us to keep trying to improve the way we live so that we may develop virtues, grow in holiness and serve others.

Here's the nice thing about God being our C.E.O. – or G.O.D. – He believes in our ability to improve and He loves us even when we fail. The first reading tells us God "loathes nothing that He has made" and that He is a "lover of souls".

Each one of us is called to continually improve – in our relationship with God, in our faith, and in our love for one another.

Remember, the Lord does not expect us to do it perfectly, only humanly. Keep trying to improve and ask God for His guidance.

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