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Faith Moments

November 6, 2013

Faith Moment Continuous Improvement 3

Transcript of audio:

How often have we heard "nobody's perfect". Or "only God is perfect." Both are true but that doesn't mean we should stop trying to improve, especially when it comes to living in peace and justice as God calls us to.

The good news is that our Lord is perfectly patient with us, loving us even when we make mistakes. He doesn't waste time on blame, but rather directs us by Hsi mercy to what needs to change so that we can improve and walk closer with Him.

The readings this week come very close to the message of tolerance spoken by Pope Francis recently. We are called to be witnesses of God’s love for all people -- the poor, the vulnerable, the forgotten. He loves all things that are, and loathes nothing He has made.

In the example of Jesus Christ, let us continually strive to improve our compassion, acceptance, and love for one another.


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