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Faith Moments

November 12, 2013

Faith Moment Courage 5

Transcript of audio:

“Kiddush ha shem” is a Jewish precept meaning to “hallow the name.” To Christians the words are familiar as part of the Lord’s Prayer.  Any action that brings honor, respect and glory to God is hallowing His name. In biblical times, hallowing the name also meant a willingness to endure suffering rather than defy God’s covenant.

In this week’s scripture, a mother and her seven sons are punished for refusing to disobey God’s law. Because of their devotion to God and their understanding of His enduring love and justice, they had the courage to face torture and death. His name was holy, hallowed to them.

It can be the same for us. We all encounter hardships and suffering at some point in our lives.  A relationship with the Lord helps us to know that because God is love and He is just, He will deliver us through our suffering to the ultimate joy of eternal life.

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