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Faith Moments

November 18, 2013

Faith Moment Ultimate Victory 1

Transcript of audio:

Famines and plagues. Wars and insurrections. Earthquakes. Persecutions.

In this week's Gospel reading from Luke, Jesus foretells some coming events that, like the disciples, we may find rather disconcerting. But just as Jesus told His disciples, we should "not be terrified."

Rather than focusing on signs of the end times, the Gospel reminds us to focus on the promise of the end times and the encouragement to persevere.

Jesus sees these signs not as the end of life, but as the time when we secure our lives. He has promised that if we persevere in our faithfulness, we will obtain the ultimate victory over death – eternal life in heaven.

Christians believe Jesus promised to give us the wisdom to see as He does, so that we may continue to live with hope and courage even through difficult times.

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