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Faith Moments

November 19, 2013

Faith Moment Ultimate Victory 2

Transcript of audio:

We all face trials and tribulations in our lives that often cause fear and could even tempt us to despair. We can take comfort in the encouraging words of Jesus in this week's Gospel as He tells us not to be afraid.

Even the most difficult challenges can remind us that the words of Jesus promise the ultimate victory – new life in heaven – for those who persevere and remain faithful to God.

Imagine the courage and hope of the early Christian martyrs who were willing to die for their faith in Jesus. His Holy Spirit strengthened them to persevere through persecutions and even death and secure their eternal lives.

Christians believe Jesus Christ is the victor and He invites us all to share in the glory of that victory. Jesus provides the wisdom we need to see us through the challenges in our lives.

Let's pray that we all find that strength today.

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