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Faith Moments

November 20, 2013

Faith Moment Ultimate Victory 3

Transcript of audio:

The late jazz musician and composer, Dave Brubeck, once said, "I believe in the ultimate victory of faith, hope and love in a world full of conflict and destruction."

A soldier during World War II, Brubeck believed that what he saw in the war contradicted the Ten Commandments and it evoked a spiritual awakening in him. He later became a Catholic and, in addition to creating some of the best-known jazz music in the world, Brubeck went on to compose a choral work based on the commandments, including what Jesus called the greatest commandment – to love one another.

The ultimate victory that Dave Brubeck spoke about is also the basis of this week's readings. Even in a world of conflict and destruction, during our greatest challenges, Christians believe Jesus Christ promises us the ultimate victory – eternal life – when we persevere with faith, hope and love.

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