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Faith Moments

November 27, 2013

Faith Moment True Victory 3

Transcript of audio:

Many of us pray the Lord's Prayer as part of our faith tradition.  When we say the words, "thy kingdom come", do we stop to ponder what we are praying?  Sunday's readings from the solemnity of Christ the King, can help us to better understand.

Christians believe that in Jesus, God has provided the king to lead us to true victory over death and sin, with paradise as our destiny.  Note the next line in the Lord's Prayer after "thy kingdom come": "thy will be done." It is the divine will and pleasure of God that we be with him in heaven.  This is why we are faithful here on earth...why we need to persevere in following the example of Jesus, even in times of suffering. This is why, imitating Jesus, we give of ourselves for others.

We must daily decide to embrace God's will so as to enter his kingdom. For Christians, Jesus Christ is the one true king who guides and protects us along the way.

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