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Faith Moments

December 10, 2013

Faith Moment Knowledge 2

Transcript of audio:

In this week’s Gospel reading, Christians hear the voice of St. John the Baptist crying out in the desert, telling all to “prepare the way of the Lord.” He teaches repentance to all who were willing to listen and learn.

According to John the Baptist, the gift of truly knowing God is available to anyone. In coming to understand God, we are able to see how we deviate from the path He wants for us. But we can change – change our minds about how we should behave, and thus change our lives.

When we improve the way we live our lives, it not only affects us in a very personal way, but it makes an impact on the broader community. Better choices encourage others to improve their actions as well. We can be the image of God through our daily example.

Remember the saying –“preach the Gospel, and when necessary use words.”

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