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Faith Moments

December 11, 2013

Faith Moment Knowledge 3

Transcript of audio:

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola – founder of the Jesuits – are a collection of Christian meditations, prayers, and mental exercises that are meant to help reveal how Jesus is working in our daily life.  In the exercises, St. Ignatius discusses the concept of “spiritual poverty” – which essentially means recognizing that everything we have – our abilities, our assets – is because God provided it; and committing to using all of it for the service of God and others.

In the words of Fr. Kevin O’Brien of the Society of Jesus, “Poverty of spirit is an emptying of self so that God can fill us with life and love.”

Think of what a better, more just place this world would be if we all thought of ourselves and our possessions in that way.  It is through this attitude that we obtain true freedom.  In spiritual poverty we find a wealth beyond anything we can imagine.

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