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Faith Moments

December 16, 2013

Faith Moment Patience 1

Transcript of audio:

How patient are we?

Do we get annoyed when things don't happen fast enough? Do we beep the horn impatiently in traffic or keep looking at the clock when waiting in line? Do we rush through life so fast that we miss the beauty around us?

Our scripture readings this week remind us of the importance of being patient.  Contrary to the hectic pace of the holiday season, Advent is meant to be a time of calmness. For Christians, it is a time to wait and prepare with hope and patience for the coming of Jesus Christ.

If we’re only looking for a baby in a manger, we won't recognize the true message of the season. We must learn to see the coming of the Lord in our own lives.

The best way to prepare is with patience and trust in God. The best way to prepare is to love one another as Jesus taught us.

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