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Faith Moments

December 18, 2013

Faith Moment Patience 3

Transcript of audio:


Like the farmer in this week's scripture reading who waits for the precious fruit of the earth, we too must be patient. Our patience will bear great things. Think of the expectant mother whose patience is rewarded with the miracle of birth. Or the hard-working young executive who waits in anticipation of that well-deserved promotion. Or the gardener whose careful planting and patient tending result in glorious red roses.

That is the message of the Advent season. Be patient. Prepare and wait with hope. Jesus is coming. Joy is coming.

While we wait, we are also to be patient with one love one another. When we show charity and love to others, we are being the face of God to them and showing them the true meaning of Christmas.

So be patient during this busy season and reflect on the message of Advent. Christ is coming. Your patience will bear great fruit.

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