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Faith Moments

December 23, 2013

Faith Moment Celebration 1

Transcript of audio:

Did you ever wonder about the meaning behind Christmas decorations?  Most are visual reminders of some aspect of the Christian faith. Wreaths are a continuous circle, like the never-ending nature of God, no beginning and no end. Candles bring a bright light, as Jesus Christ did, dispelling the darkness. The evergreen tree’s foliage never dies, reminding us of God’s unending love. Candy canes, shaped like a ‘J’ for ‘Jesus’, also remind us of a shepherd’s staff. The red symbolizes Christ’s blood, and the white the pure Virgin birth.

The Nativity Scene helps us remember who was there on that beautiful, holy, silent night. You can visit SS. Columba and Brigid Church at Hickory and Eagle Streets to see Fr. Roy Herberger’s collection of over 400 Nativity sets. This impressive display is free on weekend afternoons through January 5th.

Keep your eyes open to the meaningful decorations this season, and welcome Jesus into your heart!

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