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Faith Moments

December 24, 2013

Faith Moment Celebration 2

Transcript of audio:

Imagine this scene: people are preparing for weeks for a birthday party. Beautiful decorations abound, and presents are carefully wrapped. The elaborate preparations show just what an important occasion this will be. When the big day arrives, people are giving gifts to each other and having fun. But the birthday child is nowhere to be found. This sounds ridiculous in our personal lives, to treat a guest of honor in this way. Yet that’s just what many of us do on Christmas.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Do we remember him in our plans? Do we even know who he is? Is he the center of our celebration, or sitting off in a corner alone? Or maybe not even invited at all?

We must ensure that Jesus is not excluded. What a meaningful celebration it will be if we keep Jesus at the center, the “reason for the Christmas season.”

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