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Faith Moments

December 31, 2013

Faith Moment Family 5

Transcript of audio:

Our first reading this week tells us that we are to "honor our father" and "revere our mother." Unfortunately, in many families today there are troubles that prevent this from happening.

This past Sunday’s Feast of the Holy Family is a good occasion to reflect on what we might do to make things better in our own family. We can look to Jesus, Mary and Joseph and learn from how they lived together, certainly with much love, but also through some trying situations. They relied on God for guidance and had a willingness to grow in the direction God wanted them to.

Living as a family requires living as Jesus taught us – treating others as we want to be treated, with love, care, and, especially, forgiveness.

There's no such thing as a perfect family. But we can try to be more like the Holy Family. God will give us direction.

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