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Faith Moments

January 6, 2014

Faith Moment Light 1

Transcript of audio:

Have you ever been camping, or maybe up in a dark attic…and turned on a flashlight? The beam of light bursts into the darkness, flooding the space. Things are made visible and clear. Similarly, we see the mystery of God’s unfolding plan being brought into light by Jesus. This baby, born in a stable and sought after by wise men, made God’s love known to all people.

Light helps us to see clearly. Light manifests things that were not visible in the darkness. When you look at yourself in the light, what do you see? When you examine your life, what do you find? This New Year offers us an opportunity to walk more closely with God and to bask in God's radiance. The light we find shows us how to be radiant to others. Let God's light shine around you, and become the light within you! Be radiant!

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