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Faith Moments

January 7, 2014

Faith Moment Light 2

Transcript of audio:

Light is often seen as a beautiful thing – a starry night, a magnificent sunrise. Light brings warmth to our days, encouraging growth and life. On the contrary, darkness hinders spirits and obstructs growth, making it difficult to function.

As the Christmas season comes to a close, as we take down the lights and life returns to normal, the darkness of the winter nights may seem magnified.  But instead of focusing on that, try asking yourself what light did God bring into my life this Christmas season?  Precious time with family?  A stronger relationship with my faith community?  Thank God for His light in your life and commit to using God's gifts to you to bring light to others throughout this year.

Follow God's light wherever it leads you. When you choose to do God’s will you will find that the world’s darkness is a small price to pay for the gift of God’s glory shining upon you.

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