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Faith Moments

January 8, 2014

Faith Moment Light 3

Transcript of audio:

How radiant are you?  If you're just starting your day, like me, maybe not so much.  But consider this – to God, you are radiant.

This week’s scriptures tell us that Jesus is a light for all people. Through His example we can learn how to bring light to others.

A song from the musical Godspell proclaims: “But if that light is under a bushel… It’s lost something crucial! You’ve got to stay bright to be the light of the world!”

We are all called to live in God’s light, and to share this light with others.  Is there someone in your life searching for something?  Searching for light? What gifts have you been given that you can share with them and with others?

Remember, God never stops dispelling the darkness. In turn, see the dark circumstances in the hearts of others and shatter it with the light of God’s presence. Be the light in your world today!

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