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Faith Moments

January 15, 2014

Faith Moment Alleviating Oppression 3

Transcript of audio:

Oppression is ugly. Poverty. Human trafficking. Wrongful imprisonment. Injustice goes on all around us. It's no surprise then that fighting for justice in our world is unpleasant work.

But we learn from our scripture readings that God's call for justice does not always require us to cry out or to shout. Like Jesus, we can help alleviate oppression through our humble words and actions, gently and patiently working for justice wherever we can.

There are so many examples. Volunteering at a food pantry. Being there for a friend in a troubled marriage. Providing job opportunities for the poor.

It is not easy. Certainly, there were times when even Jesus didn't feel up to it.

But the Holy Spirit is also given to us as we serve others. This spirit provides the strength and inspiration to pursue what we know is truly right and just in our lives.

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