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Faith Moments

January 20, 2014

Faith Moment Attitude 1

Transcript of audio:

Author Jeff Keller's book "Attitude is Everything" became a best seller several years ago, teaching people that changing their attitude could change their lives. 

Long before Keller's book, that same message on the right attitude was taught in the scriptures as we see in this week's readings.  Changing our attitude to be more what God wants us to be can make a profound difference in the world around us.  The prophet Isaiah wrote about it when he said "My God is now my strength". He was professing a new attitude, a willingness to serve God and be a light for others. 

The world is full of negative attitudes. Hatred. Selfishness. Ingratitude. And greed. We counteract these when we take on the right attitude and follow the example of Jesus. With peace, love, kindness and generosity.  Even in difficult situations, a right attitude – a Godly attitude – shines as a light for others.

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