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Faith Moments

January 22, 2014

Faith Moment Attitude 3

Transcript of audio:

John the Baptist had the right attitude. The Christian scriptures tell us that John was open to accepting Jesus Christ as the Messiah. John waited patiently, preparing others through baptism for the coming of Jesus. Christians believe it was his great faith and fidelity that allowed John the Baptist to fulfill his mission to help others recognize Jesus as the Son of God.

We are all called to broaden our horizons and be open with the right attitude to what God wants to reveal to us. We are called to see God in others and in circumstances where we might not expect to find Him. It's not always easy to see God in those people who perhaps annoy us, or in the mundane, everyday tasks that may bore us. But a change in attitude changes everything. The right attitude prepares us to receive God in our life and to be the face of God to others.

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