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Faith Moments

January 27, 2014

Faith Moment Healing Divisions 1

Transcript of audio:

World Youth Day, an international event for young people organized by the Catholic Church, was held last July in Rio DeJaneiro. A record-breaking three million people united to hear Pope Francis celebrate Mass at the conclusion of the event.

It's astonishing. Three million people, mostly youth, gathered in the "same mind and same purpose" that St. Paul expresses in this week's second reading. These faithful young people were not divided by the country, or city, or school from which they came. They proved that, with Christ as the foundation of our faith, there are no boundaries, no rivalries, no divisions that cannot be overcome. In our own place and time, we can learn from the broader vision offered by this historic event. St. Paul and World Youth Day remind us that we can move beyond whatever it is that may threaten to harm our shared faith in to Jesus Christ.

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